András Gábor Virágh is one of the most sought after composer and organist of his generation.
Mr. Virágh has been the titular organist of the St. Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest, and also assistant lecturer for forms and analysis, and solfeggio at the Liszt Academy of Budapest (Hu) a board member of the Hungarian Composers’ Union and co-founder of the Studio5 Contemporary Composers’ Group.
His biggest recent achivements are the two national organ –, three domestic and three international composition awards, including first prize of the Los Angeles international composition competition in 2006 (where there were no other prizes), the Oradea international composition competition in 2008, and the ISA (International Summer Academy, Austria) international composition competition in 2012 (where there were no other prizes). In 2007/08 he won the „National Scholarship”, and for 2010/11 the „Annie Fischer Performers Scholarship”. In 2009 he recieved the Superior Student of the Faculties of Sciences award of the University of Debrecen – which is an award won by 8 students out of 30.000.
In 2011 he awarded the Junior Prima Prize, which is the highest honour of the young generation. Mr Virágh graduated in 2013 at the Liszt Academy with a degree in Music Composition as the student of prof. Gyula Fekete, and he won the Composition Prize of the „Aurora Musis Amica” foundation and the Composition Prize of the Hungarian Academy of Arts. In 2015 and in 2017 Mr. Virágh awarded the Benedek Istvánffy composition prize and in 2017 he was honoured with the annual Ferenc Erkel Composer Award. The Metamorphosis for 14 players for ensemble was composed in 2017 at the invitation of the Warsaw Autumn Contemporary Music Festival, which celebrates its 60th anniversary. In 2018, the composition was aired more than 50 times by the radio channel France Musique. In 2020 Mr. Virágh has awarded the Classical Composition of the Year award for his composition Gregorian notes for viola and organ. In 2022 Mr Virágh has awarded the Bartók-Pásztory Prize, which is the highest musical award in Hungary.
Mr. Virágh’s compositions are published by the Ostinato Musikverlag (Germany), by the Norsk Musikforlag (Norway), by the Editions BIM (Switzerland) by the Kontrapunkt Music Publisher (Budapest) and by the EMB (Editio Musica Budapest). As an organist and as a composer he has performed in several countries in Europe in the UK, in Israel and in the USA as well.

Prizes, awards, competition results

2022Bartók-Pásztory Award
2022Composition award of the Hungarian Academy of Arts
2020Classical composition of the year award
2019Zoltán Kodály scholarship for composers
2017Zoltán Kodály scholarship for composers
2017Ferenc Erkel compositon award
2017Benedek Istvánffy composition award
2015Benedek Istvánffy composition award
2013Composition prize of the Hungarian Academy of Arts
2013Composition prize of the Aurora Musis Amica Foundation
2012International Composition Competition, Mürzzuschlag, 1st prize
2011Special prize of the Society of the Hungarian Contemporary Music
2011Junior Prima prize
2011Composition competition of the Franz Liszt University of Budapest, 2nd prize
2010Special prize of the Society of the Hungarian Contemporary Music
2010Composition Competition of the Franz Liszt University of Music, Budapest, 1st prize
2010„Annie Fischer” Sholarship of performing art
2009Scholarship of arts, Debrecen
2009Excellent student of the Faculties of sciences award, Debrecen
2008Special prize of the Society of the Hungarian Contemporary Music
2008Scholarship of arts, Debrecen
2008International Composition Competition, Oradea (Romania), 1st prize
2008Composition Competition of the Franz Liszt University of Music, Budapest, 1st prize
2007Scholarship of the Hungarian republic
2006Singing Competition of the University of Theatre and Film, Budapest, The best contemporary piece prize
2006International Composition Competition, Los Angeles (USA), 1st prize
2004National Organ Competition, Szeged, 1st prize
2003First Zoltán Kodály National Organ Competition, Budapest, 2nd proze, and also a „performing prize” for the performance of his Organ suite
2002First Béla Bartók National Composition Competition, Budapest, Special prize