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Above Criticism


Alberto Alessio: Bembe (special prize from Studio5 at the Bartók Composition Competition)
Gergely Kovács (piano)
Máté Bella: Visions
Péter Szűcs (clarinet), Beáta Móri, András Szalai (cimbalom)
András Gábor Virágh: Tetra
Erzsébet Seleljo (alto saxophone), Irén Seleljo (piano)
Árpád Solti: Amit szívedbe rejtesz (What You Hide in Your Heart)
Diána Kiss (soprano), Árpád Solti (piano)
Judit Varga: Escapex2
Judit Nagy (cello), Judit Varga (piano)
Bence Kutrik: Rituale
János Szepesi (clarinet), Roland Szentpáli (tuba), Szabolcs Joó, Ádám Maros (percussion), Anasztázia Razvaljajeva (harp)
Conductor: Gábor Káli

Moderator: Szabolcs Molnár

Members of the STUDIO 5 composers group are linked not primarily by some commonly avowed aesthetic but rather the conviction that new music should not merely count on the attention of a small initiated group. The amount of feedback they received following their recent concerts staged in St Stephen’s Basilica and the Solti Chamber Hall of the Liszt Academy suggest that they are on the right track. The vast majority of works in the Here and Now season ticket series have enjoyed rapturous receptions on all fronts: from the general public, from professional critics, and from those performance artists undertaking the compositions. For instance, Bence Kutrik’s work Rituale was voted one of the works most recommended to play on European radio stations at the International Rostrum of Composers in 2018.


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