The ADESTE FIDELES has been performed in different countries

Mr. Virágh’s organ composition ADESTE FIDELES has been played in different countries from JAPAN through SWEDEN, LITHUANIA and BUDAPEST. The performers were Ádám Tabajdi, Róbert Kovács and Ágoston Tóka. The VIENNA performance of the piece is coming soon….        

The Les visages de la lune in New Zealand

Starting in 1922, the International Society of Contemporary Music (ISCM) organized its World Music Days Festival each year in a different country. In 2020, New Zealand is going to host this event, where Mr. Virágh’s four-movement pianos suite, the LES VISAGES DE LA LUNE (The faces of the moon) will also be included in the […]

Criticism of the TETRA CD

TETRA Compositions by Máté Hollós, András Gábor Virágh, Zoltán Kodály and Zoltán Kovács Levente Puskás – saxophone, Judit Váradi – piano This CD record by Levente Puskás and Judit Váradi fills a gap: the saxophone is rarely used as a solo instrument at classical music events. The musical literature available for this musical instrument is […]

New release of a composition

The chamber composition Morning for four trombones was published by Editions Bim of Switzerland.

Above criticism

The recording of the STUDIO 5 concert on 9th of March in the Solti hall of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music was recorded and broadcasted on the Bartók Radio. Studio 5 concert on 9th March, 2019

The concert of the STUDIO 5 is broadcasted on the Radio Bartók

The Broadcast is available here: HERE AND NOW STUDIO 5 COMPOSERS’ EVENING Above Criticism   Alberto Alessio: Bembe (special prize from Studio5 at the Bartók Composition Competition) Gergely Kovács (piano) Máté Bella: Visions Péter Szűcs (clarinet), Beáta Móri, András Szalai (cimbalom) András Gábor Virágh: Tetra Erzsébet Seleljo (alto saxophone), Irén Seleljo (piano) Árpád Solti: Amit szívedbe […]